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Musique de Tables,  by Thierry De Mey

Without their accustomed instruments, the Peabody Trio’s three pairs of hands create a riveting, balletic display of rhythm and motion.

The Four Seasons of Futurist Cuisine (1992), music by Aaron Jay Kernis

The Peabody Trio and actor Walter van Dyk offer a semi-staged performance of this work based on Filippo Marinetti’s 1909 Futurist Manifesto and The Futurist Cookbook (1932). Blurring the line between satire and realism, the four seasonal menus set by Aaron Jay Kernis, unveil a metaphorical vision both hilarious and frightening.

Beethoven Piano Trios

Peabody gives an extraordinary 3-concert series of the complete Beethoven Piano Trios. To inquire about bringing the complete Beethoven to your series, contact Robert Besen.

Gift of the Beloved

Gift of the Beloved, (formerly titled Ludwig’s Ghosts) presents Beethoven's two opus 70 piano trios, ’The Ghost‘ and the glorious Eb Major trio, performed by the Peabody Trio and interwoven with poetry of Goethe, his ’Westoestlicher Divan‘, or Divan of West and East. This was one of Beethoven’s most read and treasured books. He was a devotee of Goethe, who'd swept a revolutionary broom through contemporary German literature, just as he shocked his audiences with his new passionate musical ideas. It was published in 1819, when Goethe was 70 years old and was directly inspired by the Divan of the 14th century Persian poet Mohammed Shems-ed-din (known as Hafiz) In this new, experimental, musical and dramatic experience, Elizabeth Mansfield, Laurence Olivier Award nominated British actress, gives voice to the words of Goethe. An interplay of words and music evoke two great artists, their magnificent works intertwined.

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